Flow School

Automation Unleashed: Master Salesforce® Flow with Expert Guidance

Top Reasons to Enroll in Flow School: Discover the Benefits

Engaging, Hands-On Learning

Dive deep into Salesforce Flow with interactive exercises, ensuring practical understanding and immediate application of concepts.

Expert-Led Instruction

Learn from seasoned professionals with years of experience in Salesforce, providing you with insights and best practices for optimal automation.

Tailored Personal Sessions

Benefit from personalized coaching, focusing on your unique challenges and objectives to maximize your learning and application of Salesforce Flow.

Flow School

Tuition Fee & Training Options


Virtual Classroom

Learn in Expert-Led Live Session
$ 499 per person
  • Instructor-led, group session
  • Up to 8 participants
  • Standard curriculum

Private Instruction

1:1 Instruction Tailored to Your Needs
$ 899 per person
  • One-on-one, personalized
  • 1 participant
  • Fully customized content

Enterprise Training

Upskill Your Entire Team
$ 1599 per group
  • Group instruction, same org
  • Up to 6 participants
  • Tailored to organization

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What Past Participants Are Saying


I highly recommend Matthew Dufresne and for Salesforce solutions. Matt's exceptional skills streamlined our processes, and his expertise made the experience efficient. He's not only highly skilled but also patient and a great teacher. Connexxia excels in solution design, development, and implementation. He also provided excellent coaching/training. Look forward to future collaboration and continued mentorship.


Would not hesitate to recommend Connexxia for salesforce solution design, development, and/or implementation. Along with the build, they also did a fantastic job in coaching our admin stuff and in knowledge translation. Hope to work with them again for future work on our Salesforce org and continued mentorship of our admins.


Matthew has been an incredible teacher, mentor, and ever present support as I have taken over the Sales Force portfolio in my small business. I could not have done this without his support. I really appreciate how he has taken the time to coach me through the processes and changes I wanted so that I now have a solid base of understanding and confidence in making all sorts of changes and improvements to our SF systems. AND anytime I need him for something more sophisticated he is just a message away. He genuinely cares about my and my business' success.


I am quite pleased with Mathew's professionalism and expertise. He has a calming presence and explains technical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. If you're looking for assistance, I recommend contacting Matt to discuss how he may be of assistance. Steven


Comparison Table


Online Live Training

Private Instruction

Enterprise Training


$799 / $499 per participant

$1299 / $799 per person

$1799 / $1599 for the group


Instructor-led, group session

One-on-one, personalized

Group instruction, same organization

Participant Limit

Up to 8 participants

1 participant

Up to 6 participants


Standard curriculum

Fully customized content

Tailored to organization's needs


Standard post-training support

Enhanced individual support

Dedicated group support

Scheduling Flexibility

Fixed dates

Highly flexible

Scheduled per group's convienence


1 full day + follow up session

1 full day + extended follow up

Customizable duration

Target Audience

Individuals or small teams

Individuals seeking in depth learning

Corporate teams from the same company

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