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Who We Are

Connexxia is a Digital Agency that blends advanced technologies with strategic expertise to meet you at your current stage, propelling your business toward its next phase of growth and future scalability. Our approach ensures that your marketing and sales efforts yield high-impact results.

Why Choose Us

100% Domestic & Onshore

Our services are 100% domestic and onshore, ensuring close collaboration and seamless communication for unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Full-Spectrum Integration Architects

Certified and skilled across a multitude of platforms including Salesforce Flow, OmniStudio, Apex, Make.com, and Google automation.

User-Centric Approach & Design

Embrace simplicity and effectiveness with our intuitive and accessible Salesforce integrations, crafted for optimal user experience.

Comprehensive Support & Collaboration

Benefit from Connexxia's extensive network of industry experts, offering tailored support and collaborative insights for your business's unique needs.

Our Partners

Client Testimonials


I highly recommend Matthew Dufresne and Connexxia.ca for Salesforce solutions. Matt's exceptional skills streamlined our processes, and his expertise made the experience efficient. He's not only highly skilled but also patient and a great teacher. Connexxia excels in solution design, development, and implementation. He also provided excellent coaching/training. Look forward to future collaboration and continued mentorship.

Alesha _ 09/03/2024

Would not hesitate to recommend Connexxia for salesforce solution design, development, and/or implementation. Along with the build, they also did a fantastic job in coaching our admin stuff and in knowledge translation. Hope to work with them again for future work on our Salesforce org and continued mentorship of our admins.


Matthew has been an incredible teacher, mentor, and ever present support as I have taken over the Sales Force portfolio in my small business. I could not have done this without his support. I really appreciate how he has taken the time to coach me through the processes and changes I wanted so that I now have a solid base of understanding and confidence in making all sorts of changes and improvements to our SF systems. AND anytime I need him for something more sophisticated he is just a message away. He genuinely cares about my and my business' success.


I am quite pleased with Mathew's professionalism and expertise. He has a calming presence and explains technical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. If you're looking for assistance, I recommend contacting Matt to discuss how he may be of assistance. Steven

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