Elevate Your Salesforce Expertise with Connexxia's Advanced Administrator Mentoring Program

Connexxia’s Advanced Administrator Mentoring Program is a specialized pathway designed for existing Salesforce administrators and IT professionals tasked with managing Salesforce instances. Our program is specifically tailored to enhance your skills, knowledge, and leadership in the Salesforce ecosystem, transforming you from an accidental admin into a certified Salesforce expert.

Why Work With Us

Targeted Salesforce Expertise

Our program is designed for admins by admins, focusing on advanced configurations, troubleshooting, and strategic use of Salesforce.

Real-World Application

Engage with complex Salesforce environments and scenarios to refine your problem-solving and management skills.

Career Transformation

Move beyond basic administration to master advanced concepts that position you for senior roles within the Salesforce community.

Community and Support

Join a network of peers and mentors who understand your challenges and can guide you through your professional development.

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