We Accelerate Your Sales & Marketing Velocity

We develop the most effective strategies for businesses, regardless of their size or experience in the market.

You can count on us for the ongoing management of your business operations and finances. We’ll put in all our experience and creativity to help you with strategies and tactics that work best for optimizing your business. 

You'll get the best mix of professional experience and creativity with us

Our Team


Matthew Dufresne

Matthew Dufresne, the visionary founder of Connexxia, brings 30 years of expertise in sales and marketing operations, digital transformation, and Salesforce mastery. His leadership has been pivotal in shaping innovative strategies that drive business growth and technological advancement.

Leita Saysombath

Leita is a creative designer focused on crafting engaging digital marketing solutions. With expertise in web and social media design, she collaborates closely with clients to develop impactful online identities tailored to their unique goals.

Gabriel St. Jean

Gabriel is a computer science graduate and dedicated Salesforce developer, specializes in creating Salesforce applications, mastering Lightning Web Components, and Apex coding. His technical prowess and innovative approach enable him to develop solutions that enhance functionality and drive user engagement.

Eric Messihi

Eric Messihi combines his arts background and a master's degree in user interface design with his experience as a Salesforce administrator to craft intuitive and aesthetically pleasing Salesforce environments. His unique blend of skills ensures that users enjoy both functionality and beauty in their CRM experiences.

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